Our Team

Lightbrigade Architectural Lighting Design has been working successfully with architects, engineers, interior designers and owners to create designs that accentuate architectural detail, enhance the human experience and create sensory environments.Our design team has an eclectic mix of backgrounds in theatrical lighting design, interior design and engineering, offering our clients a highly creative and technically proficient design team. 


Our experience in theatrical lighting and interior design supports the architectural and aesthetic considerations of lighting design, while our extended education and experience in engineering, calculations and technical elements offers a well-rounded design approach.

Our services include conceptual and final designs, computer analysis, specifications, shop drawings, site review, as well as system commissioning and focusing. As lighting designers, we take pride in having no allegiance to specific product lines or lighting manufacturers, and stay informed of the latest technologies in all areas related to lighting. 


Our clients are very diverse and projects range from contemporary to historical, and include retail, hospitality, entertainment and healthcare. In addition to our Canadian work our experience spreads worldwide with projects in the United States, the Middle East and Europe.

Julia and Andrew lighting sketch a lighting design brainstorm lighting sketch b lighting designers on project lighting design installation